Slaps to the ear

Actually Mr. Blauer does emphasize open handed strikes as opposed to using a closed fist. In his "Cerebral Self-Defense" audio tape he speaks of his friend, Tommy Morrison, who I believe broke both hands during a fight - and that was with wraps and gloves. He also mentions how Mike Tyson once broke his hand during a street fight. In his videos you rarely see him perform "regular punches" as part of the defense. But at the same time he does not rule them out entirely because if used properly they can be devastating.

To quote a line from the PDR Manual:In a fight between the 'head' and the 'hands', the hand usually loses.

I see Mr. Blauer on his videos punch, kick, knee, elbow and head butt his opponent. And he also does a lot of face rakes and bites. I was just wondering why he doesn't do much slaps to the ear and strikes to the throat. In some videos (i.e. panic attack 2) where he instructs girls and non martial artists, I don't remember seeing him training them to use mostly open hand strikes (especially to the head). I know he has mentioned it but haven't seen it applied much or demonstrated by his students. Are ear slaps and open hand punching not that effective and strikes to the throat hard to get?

Yup, when you've gone through a few of his tapes, you'll find he's a big advocate of open-hand striking. I don't particularly recall any mention of the ear slap in his materials. Me, I like to combine ear slaps, ear ripping, eye gouges with the thumbs, and augmented headbutts (as in grabbing the base of the skull and headbutting his face), since the hand position is pretty close from one to the next. CWCT, you know. :) On the ground, you could also grab hair or ears and smash the guy's head up and down into the cement. The gals were doing that to me today, what a rush...

Anyone's feedback is appreciated.


welcome back tony! hope your trip went well