Slava kicked arse!!

That fuckin guy had 26 pts for the Lakers on 13-21 shooting tonight. Well done, goofball.

Could this be a breakout game by medvedenko? LA could only wish.

lol, he got an earful from Kobe the other night, nothing but smiles from him this evening. lol @ the Hawks

I mean the Hacks. :)


The Hawks gotta be the worst team in organized sports!!! How do you get blown out by 50 points to a Laker team with no frontcourt???!!

37-point blowout....but still!

especially to the Lakers lol ;)

Arrrghh! 46-points. What can I say, I'm not used to the Lakers running up the score. :-)


Keep laughing all u F ers!!!!..We shall have the last laugh at the end!..

Lakers rule and u shall feel the wraith come playoff time!!!