Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Socialism and


This is what the Democrats and the Left have brought to us over the years.

Col. Allen West gets credit for this summary is a recent quote.


You forgot pussification


Pussy is a heteronormative PATRIARCHAL word that has no place in modern equitable society. You have offended the feelings of trans thingamajigs.

You, sir, make me sick!!!

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They’ve always been the party of confiscation of labour via the threat of violence.

First they confiscated 100% of the labour from 15% of they population in order to maintain power.

Now they want to confiscate 50% of the labour from 100% of the population in order to maintain power.

Same game, same people, same ruling class. Just now they dress it up as the ruling class “helping” the ruled by confiscating their labor without permission

I don’t see why anyone would oppose secession at this point.

History proves you cannot compromise with the far left.
They are incapable of learning some very basic economic truths that highlight why their philosophy has and will always result in failure.
Separate and watch them burn out within 50 years.

Le Shat

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