Slavyanskiy Byeg Tips?

TTT till Scott gets back=)

Slavyanskiy Byeg is a tape I definately need to purchase.

Different things usually, sometimes I will go with my bow and about ten arrows in a side quiver, other times I will go with a 30lb(about) pack and an old SKS(The Russian version, not the lighter Chinese one). Lately it has been with the bow and quiver, because I plan on getting some good old fashioned hunting in. I can usually counter balance the two, but if I add some water to drink, or even a small backpack, then it starts getting precarious.

I was wondering if you could offer tips on how to adjust my gait while carrying a load, I have gotten it down pretty well without a load, but would like to use it when hiking, and the load seems to do a number on my gait.