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Hopefully this thread can produce some quality advice. I used to take Adderall for 8+ years throughout college and afterwards. My best friend also took Addys but also took Xanax to sleep. Being the fucking idiot I was, I would bum a couple (0.5 mgs) and take them time to time at night to “chill”. Had a doc who’d write me anything within reason if I had any old excuse, so I got my own script. Started take 0.5-1mg a night to sleep for about 3-4 years until weaning myself off about 2 yrs ago. Now…my sleep has never been the same.

In an effort to get sleep, I take about 75 mg of trazadone and recently decreased it to 35-50 mg and 50-100 mg of diphenhydramine (Benadryl?). It works pretty good but I just read that taking Benadryl every night isn’t good.

Is there any hope out there for me being able to sleep normal again. Are there any supplements or natural shit that works (please save the melatonin or pot recommendations). I’m fit, healthy and tight otherwise, exercise 4-5 times a week but sleep is a fucking nightmare.

Never take Xanax regularly (even small doses), I’m paying the price

Do you watch TV in bed? Or play on a laptop, ipad phone while in bed? If so I would remove all of it out of your bedroom before looking to supplements and/or drugs. If not then maybe get a sleep study done?

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No but I do listen to white noise frequently. Started turning the volume down lately and think I need to go to strict silence.

Could be noise and distraction

Edit: I’m human and do OG on my phone at night. Let’s not be silly

I’m not saying stop using it completely. I’m just saying not to use those devices in your bedroom to OG. Train your brain to see your bedroom as a space only for sleep.

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Lots and lots of L theanine

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I take 6mg melatonin with a benadryl every night. The melatonin gets me sleepy, and the benadryl helps keep me from waking up every hour or 2.

I’ve had insomnia since I was a teen. To the point where I’d have nights where went to be at a reasonable time & never fell asleep, about once a week. Hasn’t happened in the 20 years since I started the melatonin/benadryl combo. I rarely have any issues, unless I forget to take it. I’ve weened off to only half a benadryl the past year, and still had same results.

it worked for freddy mercury
he had aids and hasnt stirred in decades


Have you tried increasing melatonin to 10mg and Verbena tea?

Try getting a sleep study maybe?

EDIT: I thought you were taking 6mg, my bad. Melatonin starts working at 5mg but the “sweet spot” for many is 10mg.

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Wow, that’s wonderful and something I’m going to try. I guess I never took high enough doses of melatonin. That’s my problem- staying asleep. Shit puts me to sleep no prob, but it’s the waking up as soon as 1-2 hrs later and trying to fall back asleep. Then looking at the clock and doing math about the sleep in probably not going to end up getting.

Thanks for the advice!! I’m trying it

I take magnesium biglicinate, L-theanine and melatonin to help fall asleep. Chemical meds can enlarge your prostate.

I have not considered high doses. I (clearly) got horrible information once that higher doses of melatonin didn’t translate into higher efficacy. Fuck me

Thanks doc, that is wonderful

Also, I’m gonna drop the trazadone and go high dose melatonin.

Very nervous about a previous post and prostate enlargement. Is that true and can it be reversed by quitting. I’m 33 and fit otherwise- exercise regularly

Do you get adequate sun exposure in morning? Getting outside(keep the sunglasses off) is a huge part of setting the circadian rhythm. Benadryl is awful for sleep quality. Being sedated is not sleep. Melatonin seems to be okay in high doses and does not stop your body from making it .

Make sure room is cool, dark and get a pair of blue light blocking glasses to wear around at night if you can.

Please consider CBD products for a good night of sleep.
If it’s legal where you are, cannabis would be your best bet at a heavy night of sleep (indica strain)

Good luck!


Also bone broth(glycine) and magnesium an hour before bed helps. Add a bit of sea salt to it. Help you from peeing in middle of night

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If you’re dropping trazodone, do it over a period of 4 weeks to avoid bad withdrawals.

Wow thanks!!!

I’m done with Benadryl after tonight.

Consensus is high dose melatonin. I assume it will work and am eternally grateful for the advice everyone.

Nothing worse than a pessimistic pussy. My buddy in the OP is quitting Xanax when he can convince his doctor to give him Ambien. We’re two people headed in opposite directions. But some people don’t want help

You can try Verbena tea too. Cheap and effective for some.

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Thought when I tapered/quit Xanax id never have to do tapering again. Anything to get off pharmaceuticals though. No biggy

If I do an hour of cardio I sleep ok usually. And if I don’t, I usually don’t.

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