Sleep Aids

Incredible- I have a horrible habit of chugging water at night to have healthy hydration during sleep. Problem of course is waking up to piss. Appreciate it brother

Xanax withdrawals are much worse. But you’ll have rebound insomnia if you cut ties with trazodone too quickly.

Don’t assume anything. 25 years of rotating shift work and melatonin at any dose does absolutely nothing for me. Try it for sure, but again, no success here.

Thanks so much doc, grateful to have you on here and thanks from all the lurkers on here too that benefit from your sound advice. I was a lurker for prob many yrs before I made an account.

This is correct.

But melatonin has minimal side-effects and produces good sleep for some, so start there. No guarantees though. Last thing: it may take 7 days to work properly.

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Yeah have access to medical but weed doesn’t help me sleep. Maybe Indica to get to sleep but otherwise bud makes me want to OG.

Smoked bud for last 20 yrs, oldest habit I have and the least important thing in my life.

Sorry for rotating shift work…my father in law has that too. One of the kindest and sweetest gentleman I know but is an alcoholic Bc he drinks every day to get him sleep.

I couldn’t imagine having to sleep during the day. Holy anxiety, I’d be fucked panicking over the time ticking away.

It’s all good. Yeah, a lot of drink to much for that reason. On the flip side, I work about 155 days per year after vacation. I only take a sleeping pill when I have to work,

That’s great bro- can’t beat that # of days.

Nothing in this world is free

How about get tired.
Mateo doc1 is a hack.
Fuck your meds!
Shovel 5 ton of rock in the sun and you will sleep like a baby.
Drugs are why you are here. Drink 10 beers and smoke some weed?
You are the only one that knows your body.

Do you jerk off before you go to bed? If not, do that and if it doesn’t help jerk offs a second time and if that doesn’t work, turn on some Kenny G and you’ll be out like a light in 20 seconds