Sleeping With The Maid - TME

Sleeping With The Maid - TME

How did it start ?
Does she speak english?
Were you nice and just point to your peen and say lollipop?
Or were you mean, point and say immigration?
Did she smell of bleach?
Was this in the laundry room?
Was her head in the dryer?
Do any of her kids look like you?

First I think you need to be the Govenator of Cali.

I remember when I was a 14'er Phone Post 3.0

She was Asian, her head and upper torso were in the dryer, and I yelled "SUPPLIES" at the moment of anal insertion. Phone Post 3.0

make sure she keeps up with her duties otherwise you are actually just paying for a prostitute. documentarian jerry seinfeld had a feature on this relevant social issue

Get some gum. Phone Post 3.0

I remember my first beer.

"Oh, yeah? So what am I supposed to do, be more like you? All sealed up in here, emotionally unavailable, paying scrubwomen for sexual favors! No! Jerry, I won't be like you! Never! I'll never be like you!"