Sleepy Hollow Season 2 ---SPOILERS, probably

So...who watched Sleepy Hollow Season 2?  Just me?

Still like Icabod (who really makes the show, imo), Abby and their relationship.  Hawley is kinda take him or leave him.  Jenny is much more likable.  Not sure about Frank. 

The season finale was pretty darn shocking.  Can't believe what happened to Katrina.


IIRC, season 3 will be more single-episode stuff and less big story arc.  If that's true, I'm not sure I'm happy to hear that.



hopefully without spoiling I will say I would've liked to see Katrina's story line going longer than what it did with her new attitude

Has it been renewed yet?  I like how seasons are closed, no cliffhangers.  Guess they want to do it that way just in case the show is cancelled.

I've got a feeling Katrina will be back.

Also whatever happened to that angel? I missed probably half the season.

I wanted to see more of Ben Franklin in the finale, haha.

Considering how poorly the season finale did, I wouldn't be surprised if it's removed from primetime or cancelled.