Sleeve: Bunch of Randoms or Fully Designed?

How did your sleeves come about? I'm having a hell of a time picking a theme so to speak, and rather have a lot of smaller ideas. It's killing me because I'm unsure how it could come together if I end up with a bunch of randoms.

I've been putting off getting any stuff added to my arms because I'm so indecisive - it's killing me.

How did your sleeves start?

i guess it depends on what you want and are getting.

if its american stuff, i believe you can get whatever you want on your arm and turn it into a sleeve with no problems.

if its japanese, then well, you need to remember that too much is not a good thing.

alot of people come into the shop i work at and ask for this and ask for that, usually a good idea in the begining but then they try to add something new, incorperate this or that.

find a simple theme, find a great artist, and just let them have their artistic freedom, usually things turn out better when there are no restrictions, but im telling you right now, you must find a good artist for the situation.

what type of tattoos and where do you plan on getting them done at?

I'm doing both. On my right arm, I'm doing a bunch of smaller old school pieces that will eventually cover my entire arm. On my left, I'm planning on doing a sleeve based on some Sylvia Ji pieces. I'm a little concerned with how things will turn out on the right because placement gets to be a concern after a while. If you want to do a sleeve with a bunch of small pieces, it's probably best to find an artist you trust and stick with them from start to finish. They'll be able
to give you some guidance where placement is concerned.

I'm trying to find what I want to do for a sleeve right now. I don't want it to be a bunch of things that just happened to be thrown together but I also don't want to do the koi or dragon kind of thing. The only thing that I'm really easy about is that I don't think tattoos HAVE to have meaning. I do have an arm that will end up being stuff that ends up tied together and I'm sure one of my legs will be like that but I want to plan an arm and I have a leg semi planned(can't draw worth a shit so I've got a bunch of ideas that I've written down or marked in magazines and I'm big into letting people do their thing).

My problem is finding someone that I can fully trust to do a really good job. I can find solid people that are cheap, people that are cheap, or people that think they're tattoo gods that shouldn't be allowed to use crayola markers.

I really like americana type stuff. I really want a cartoonish 50s style Kill-bot on my forearm and maybe sputnik but i'm not sure if I want an all out sci-fi They Came from Mars! theme lol

who knows, ya know?

I'll have my half sleeve done by the end of July and it's all from random pieces over the last ten years.  When I finish the sleeve eventually to the rest of my arm, the lower arm will all be one design. It took me a long time to find an artist who I really like who I trust by the way.

random pieces look like hack jobs

take your time and get a real sleeve from a quality artist, one shot deal, no pieces, they look like sht

cant beleive you have to ask which is better

check out bio, I have a half sleeve and full sleeve in progress, all bio/organic dopeness 

I agree with HP. Avoid random pieces if at all possible.