Slickest ways to bypass websense..

I know of a few

Using RDP

Using SSH, etc.,

Google Cache

Anyone else have any input to throw on this :) rfquinn?

Tarantella??? I heard this from someone - anyone with any experience?

i prefer using hamachi with rds to by pass websense.
it's better than just using straight rds. this way those admins won't know my home's public. hamachi let's us meet up on the server.

Websense sucks...go bluecoat...

an SSH Tunnel with VNC will work too which is what i use sometimes...

I don't know but we run ISA w/ Surf Control and none of those would work the way we have ours configured. The only way is if you had a proxy service that Surf Control didn't know about. I'm sure it's the same with websense.

Sorry man, I was out for Christmas. You pretty much got it covered.

The different methods that come to mind are basically:

  • Remotely accessing an outside computer. (Radmin, VNC, etc)

  • Port forwarding. (SSH)

  • VPN (Hamachi, Cisco, Windows)

  • TOR

  • Remote proxy

  • Web proxy

  • Web cache

  • Translator services (Babelfish, Google translate)

how would you use RDS to get outside your LAN?