slightly off stuff you do....

just curious about strange things some hgers might do for yucks that aren't completely over the top.


for me, i like to write off kilter reviews on on things i purchase.  i judge myself on if i'm voted "useful" or "not useful".


it's not easy being me.

I like to go on Pron sites and write on a particular star's video "You're Daddy and I love you. Please come home". Phone Post 3.0

I like to go to ex GF's houses and cover myself in dirt in their back yard and pretend I'm a carrot Phone Post 3.0

I pretend my favorite tv characters are my friends.

I like country music. Even shit way older than me. I used to sing gunfighter ballads in karaoke.

hahahahah and down we go!

i refuse to use a razor on my face that I shave my balls with...i think it is ghey to do so!

I use the same tweezer for every thing.

EVERY THING! Phone Post 3.0

lets get dangerous - Honestly I get completely naked to take a shit. If I'm at a store or restaurant I sorbet hang them on the clothes notch or hang them on the stall door. I'm always afraid someone's going to grab them and run lol

I do leave my shoes on though Phone Post 3.0
Same but I only shit at home Phone Post 3.0

I'm half Asian.... So I at least take of one shoe. Phone Post 3.0