slipping punches- exercises?

When I'm bending my knees slipping punches I feel it takes too much time to get back up. The same applies to jab-right to the body-jab combo. Please, could you suggest exercises for strengthening responsible muscles, and getting more explosive?

I'm not an expert but it's possible you are bending too low if it is taking too long to get back to your basic stance. For a slip I assume only a slight bend of knees is needed. When bobbing and weaving to avoid a hook, you bend lower.

I agree with Bob, I was taught to slip just enough to miss the punch, so you will keep your balance and be in position to counter. I recommend using the maize ball, there is another thread on here about it, and it really impoved my slipping punches when I'm sparring.

A fist is only about 6 inches wide...Try to miss the punch by an inch, instead of a foot, that way no damage is done, and you're in perfect position to counter