Slipping v. Blocking v. Absorbing

Okay to clarify what is the most important method of defense in kickboxing/stand up striking in MMA?

I used to want to be super Karate guy and block all my opponents attacks.

Now I am mean ass sparring partner who punches and kicks you as hard as I can and even if you land a technique you are going to pay for it while doing it.

My problem now is I use a modified boxing stance in sparring and I tuck my chin.

I slip alot of stuff and me simply attacking viciously while sparring helps alot as well but I tend to deflect alot of techniques, especially spinning heel kicks and spinning back fists off the top of my head or on my ear.

It doesn't hurt and it doesn't stun me but I'm afraid I'll come to rely on my Fujita like melon and end up getting my head knocked off my shoulders by a heavy hitter.

Spinning techs are my weakness and I've already posted on here a similar question and I'm working on my footwork and slipping but since I've had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out I haven't been able to test out what I've worked on.

So I guess which do you prefer?

Blocking, slipping, or absorbing as you main defensive attribute.

Thanks much folks.

Jim Glover

Hello Mule,
I responded to your previous thread but I never
outlined my personal preference:

1) The best form of defense is attack - your philosophy
of attacking aggressively is good, and I do that sometimes also. BUT I must combine it with number two:

2) Excellent cover. I can not expect to be aggressive
AND slip punches at the same time, so I rely on excellent cover - everytime I throw a punch my other
hand is covering and my chin is down. You give your
punch the best chance of landing, and give your opponent little chance of landing his.

3) Block & absorb as much as you can with your cover.
I have found that slipping gets me into more trouble
than it helps. I have found bobbing & weaving very effective, provided you use it to "spring" into your next attack (see any tape of Mike Tyson!). But just
keeping your hands up will block and deflect most
attacks. Especially spinning techniques because they
can't really be slipped, but if you have your hand up it can not hit you in the head.


TTT for Goongnoi's post. Excellent advice! Especially on the slipping/bobbing/weaving. Though I am not an expert, I think a good example of the wrong time to do these things are the Mezger vs Liddle and Mezger vs Silva matches. Mezger was on the end of a barrage of strikes and he tried to slip/bob/weave his way out which was imho a big mistake. A better tactical option would have been to block/absorb and quickly counter attack or get away. Also he didnt keep his guard up as he was slipping and didn't try to move out of the way simultaneously. Results were two very nice KOs.

Thanks GoongNoi.

Thats the path I'm trying to take but I suck.

Hayashi my man you read my mind.

I was thinking posting a question along that lines the other day.

I was watching K-1 and you see some guys try and bob and weave out of a flurry then you see a majority just start throwing bombs.

Somtimes the bombers get KO'd but most of the time they don't.

I've got a real progressive thinking instructor for a Karate Black Belt and he helps me out alot, that is when I get my lazy but to class.

I've been off two weeks with little auxillary training.

Thanks again folks I greatly appreciate it.