Slo Mo of Anderson's hook on Tito's chin!



Tito’s left hooks prior to that shot were the slowest and weakest I’ve ever seen in boxing


Tito was never fast throwing both shots like that with someone against the ropes/cage.

He was never a good boxer or striker. He wanted to think he could and got a nice payday out of it.


Am I the only one who feels sorta bad for Tito lol


I fucking HATE seeing old fighters sticking around for way too long


Tito has been stiff with his punches for a long time.

Back in the day when he was fighting guys like Bohlander and Mezger, he actually committed to his punches.

When he “improved” his striking, he became stiff and hesitant.
Throwing fluid punches in combinations just doesn’t come naturally to Tito.

Grappling on the other hand…


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Yea I don’t feel good seeing these old timers take full on headshots. What Tyson-RJJ did in their exhibition is about the extent of what I want to see from these guys.


Tito is trying to call out Logan Paul now.

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Nah, he got paid.

Also, Tito is always so self-deluded, and so keen to self-promote, and brag, that when the inevitable comes, well, he has to accept it.

If he really thought he could box with Anderson, having observed Anderson’s UFC career. Well, I cant feel that bad for him when he gets KOd out in the first round.

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All of that is true, doesn’t change the fact they were the slowest and weakest hooks I’ve ever seen. Possibly ever thrown in a real fight.

Yeah that shit sucked. He may be kind of an idiot on the mic but sucks to see legend go down like that, especially during a money grab

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As soon as Tito threw some punches, I was shocked at how slow AND weak they were. LIke, WTF. Yet I didn’t expect him to basically get KOed with the first shot he took

Tito never had the greatest hands In MMA I hope he got a decent cheque at least.


Yep, always felt the same.

This was the first time I was genuinely shocked in a long time by a KO. The way Tito fell from the original angle looked messed up. He was completely switched off and he’s not a young man anymore.

People are saying that it’s fixed because of the speed of Tito’s punches. I don’t think he was trying to use speed at all. Pretty sure he didn’t want to commit to punching Anderson hard because he knew that he would miss big and Anderson would easily counter. I’m sure the idea was to go in there a sprinkle some lower-risk shots on him to see if anything opens up.

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Anyone that says that was fixed should never be taken seriously again. And Tito’s never had fast hands he always looks stiff throwing his punches.


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