Sloppiest Boxing Match Of All Time


LOL. Those commentators we’re having a blast.


There is no way that football player is an undefeated street fighter, unless he’s never been in a street fight…

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Best worst fight xD

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One minute rounds. Not really boxing. Toughman.

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That’s barstools rough n rowdy tough man. It’s great comedy.


What a disgrace this is.

RnR manages to make a mockery of combat sports and simultaneously exploit unintelligent poor people.

They make money by advertising with Instagram whores, sticking cameras in the faces of delusional people and putting it on Facebook, then having selling ppv’s to watch fights that no one anywhere should watch.

Everything wrong with modern combat sports wrapped up in one package. Fuck I hate this life.

You need to look in the mirror and have a word with yourself. It’s not that serious. No one is getting exploited if they choose to go down that rabbit hole that is rough n rowdy. It’s has It’s own niche audience and you’re clearly not it.

Same goes for the people who constantly complain about the UFC’s watered down cards. It’s a simple solution, don’t fucking watch it. Pick and choose what cards to watch you find interesting.


LOL!!! This is a great find! WHAT THE EVERLOVING HELL!!


The fighters they get are borderline mentally challenged people. They just take advantage of the fact that white trash is the last group it’s ok to completely shit on.

And the audience isn’t niche. It’s the most down the middle mainstream ESPN watching fucks who have no idea what any part of fighting is about.

It’s a disgrace. Street beefs of felony fights is more legit.

Street Beefs is garbage, you’re retarded…


King of the streets!

“He came in looking like kimbo slice, but had the footwork of Rick Ross”

LoL I’m ded.


Fair play to them for having a crack, but fucken hell, I’m 5"6 135 of pure destruction and they are both over 200 and if fancy my chances. I’m shit at fighting too, but not that bad. I reckon I could win!

I mean I agree. I’m just saying this is more garbage

Also I probably am retarded lol

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