Slot Machines

is there any known flaw in these machines that if u use the right equipment u could break the bank so to speak

there are lots of known flaws, but the majority of them are not legal to exploit.

I saw an article a while back and posted it to the OG about how one guy used illegal means to beat the machines... like using a fiber optic tube with a camera flash on one end inserted into the coin slot to trick the thing into giving back coins.

as for legal means, it's a lot harder than it used to be.

back in the day, companies would do stupid things like not using crypto-grade random number generators, instead using weak ones that looked random but could be predicted.

one guy figured out that a keno-style deal in some casino in Canada, worth a million bucks payout, was using predictable numbers and figured out the sequence used.

so he came in and hit the jackpot one day.... then he hit it again the next day!

the casino tried to accuse him of cheating, but it was clear that he didn't and it was their fault, not his.

so, they finally had to pay up.

now, casinos are a lot more careful about that kind of stuff.

Wait for slacker, the IT casino god

sweet rob, god u know something about everything dont ya hehehe