Sloth Bear = New Honey Badger - Fights Tiger

Tough slothy motha fucka

For the illiterate:



i dont think this tiger is a "Game" as we had all imagined


this video makes me rethink the grizzly bear versus tiger scenarios


i always normally pick the large cat, esp the tiger

but now i have my doubts

Tiger just had a meal. Wasn't a real fight 

Thank God I skimmed through that. 

Sloth bear by Stevie Wonder Jew Jitsew

That tiger has to be less than a year old, definitely not a full grown.

looked like the tiger was just playing around

not really trying too hard thats for sure 

Looks like a bjj match

After watching that i understand why they are so rare. They are boring fights.

I thought I was watching Stipe vs Ngannou for a minute until the bear got up and showed good cardio.

the bear must have a thick outer skin. most animals would have been shredded