Slow Motion Video CLEARLY shows Tyron holding back from hitting Jake Paul

Tyron misses on purpose with the follow up punch


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Idiots! :rofl:

Know how I know you’ve never been in a fight?


I dont thimnk tyrone was holding back he was trying but he is just not an intelligant man


he pulled back on the second punch you idiot, it was fixed get over it

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he pulled back on the punch dummy, watch the video

Remember when I said Woodley had no boxing skills and only had a looping overhand right

and remember how you’ve never been in a fight before

remember tho


im glad your dumbass showed up

now explain to me why tyron pulled back on his followup punch?

You can’t, so shutup and take the L, it was fixed.

He didn’t pull it. His forearm hit Jake’s shoulder, stopping the punch. Tyron also immediately attempting to follow up with a left hook/uppercut that didn’t have the distance it needed.

It’s funny how we went from “There’s gonna be a signal punch to set up the fake KO”, to now this lmao

Imagine never having a fight in your whole life and thinking you’re a man.


he hit jake’s shoulder on purpose. Jake’s head was an open target, both hands were COMPLETELY DOWN, and Jake was badly hurt. A five year old kid could have landed that follow up shot. Tyron missed on purpose and he also pulls back his punch as you can see in the slow motion.

idiots like you are the reason why the world is the way it is. The masses are the asses! Getting tricked all day everday lmao!!

I LOVE VIDEO EVIDENCE. Shutting these idiots up LMAO!!!

It makes perfect sense that you think things happen the way they do, having never had a fight in your life.

Every time someone lands a punch, your question is “How could that punch have ever landed when the guy could have just avoided it?”

And if a punch doesn’t land, your question is “How could the punch ever not land if the person throwing it wanted to land it?”

It’s like wondering why a person would ever miss a free throw, or fall over riding a bike, or stumble when they walk.

How could anyone ever not do something perfectly, especially when it comes to things they’re extremely bad at? LMAO I don’t know bro, great question, you’re clearly not a mentally ill idiot

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Yea dummy watch the video.

avoiding my entire post like the plague LMAOOO

Jake is badly hurt, against the ropes, head completely exposed, BOTH HANDS DOWN. Tyron literally has the followup shot completely open for him.

A five year old could have hit that target.

Tyron MISSES??? LMAO. And then the video shows he completely pulls back his punch too.

Answer this post or you’re just gonna get blocked. Your precious fight is fixed. Get over it baby.

Tyron misses on purpose and then pulls his punch back


What would a post-fight day be without @The_Immortal_One showing up to claim a fight was fixed. Happens every time!

I think this thread is RIGGED!!! Mods!!!


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Seems obvious that as Tyron lined up the follow up punch, Jake lunges closer from the ropes to clinch. His sudden lunge forward causes woodly to miss and adjust to throw an uppercut which be didn’t have time to land well either. Again because you can literally see Jake lunges forward from the ropes as Tyron pushes forward with a punch.
You’re the Conor freak tho so I get it that you’re trolling

watch the video dumbass

Why did Roy get caught with that KO punch? He clearly could have avoided it, he was already moving defensively. It was a setup, he agreed to take the punch and be KO’d. There’s LITERALLY a VIDEO showing him GET HIT, which CAN’T HAPPEN unless HE LET IT!!!

And here? Well they made an agreement that Tarver wouldn’t KO him again, so when the hook stumbled Roy, Tarver PURPOSELY threw a BIG SHOT that MISSED on PURPOSE, making himself fall over the ropes, to AVOID getting the BIG KO, because a 5 YEAR OLD could have finished him!!!

Everything is fake. All the time. And I TYPE like THIS because MY words need EMPHASIS

No I didn’t take my lithium, why do you ask?

what on earth are you pulling out of your ass for that shit explanation?

It’s not complicated. Jake literally gets knocked down and leans on the ropes, he is completely out of it, Tyron exaggerates a huge followup punch when jake’s head is more open than a prostitute on a Friday night, both his hands on down, NO WAY ON EARTH A FORMER UFC CHAMP MISSES THAT OPEN TARGET. YOU OR I WOULD HAVE FINISHED THAT FIGHT RIGHT THERE.

Then tyron magically misses, and pulls his punch back as you can see in the video

it was fixed, get over it bud