Slow Motion Video CLEARLY shows Tyron holding back from hitting Jake Paul

exactly you’re avoiding my post and the topic you idiot. You’re not gonna troll me. Im gonna block you for a couple of weeks. Peace.

YOU absolutely would not have finished that fight either then and there or any time while armed with a gun.
You don’t know what you’re seeing

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Tyron, a former UFC champ who KOed guys like prime Lawler, hieron, Till, dropped Thompson, missed this shot when Jake was badly hurt? LMFAOO!!!

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 10.51.27 AM

Get off your drugs dude

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comment on the video or you’re just gonna get blocked for a couple of weeks. No trolling and subject changing

comment on the video or you’re getting blocked. No trolling in my thread

Ha! Your thread is a TROLL THREAD!

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Who am I to disagree with the immortal one Matt Brown.
From Ohio, (coincidence…)

Ehhhh I don’t think so

Jake lifted his left shoulder, might not been on purpose but tyron missed

I also don’t think tyron is good enough actor to pull off his post fight banter.

I dunno. Watching him fight previously he’s been pretty hesitant to pull the trigger. Felt the same way last night

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Hahaha what a fucking pussy.

You post several provocative ridiculous threads on the same subject (which you are entirely wrong on) then you start saying how you are going to block people???

What a pathetic bitch lol.

2 biggest idiots on forum arguing with each other

could be same idiot double trolling

Just to be clear, because I never post on the UG, but OP is either retarded or trolling, right?

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I wouldn’t dignify that sort of statement with an argument. The people pretending to think the fight was fake are just coping with their trauma after seeing a Disney star beat up their hero

woodley is nobodys hero hes a retired fighter who last 4 in a row and 16 rounds in a row and smaller

Clearly you are an intelligAnt man

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I’m not saying it was a rigged fight.

I’m just not saying that if it was, I would be surprised in the least bit.


good man