Sly Girl (pic)

I think purple puma was some dude that stalked/harassed Gritty

Uhhh I’m pretty sure I also stalk/harass @Gritty

I mean,… How could you not?! :joy:

But she/he/they for sure posted nude photos on a motorcycle

I stalked Gritty, I thought that was how you used to get a blue name here. However, I did NOT harass him. I always maintained 50 yards of distance between us. But I no longer do that.

On another note, is anybody looking for a used high end Nikon camera with a tripod and telescopic lens cheap? I have no use for it anymore.

Season 9 Lol GIF by The Office

Sounds like you’re doing an awesome job given everything you’ve said. Also, the simple fact that you gave your daughter an owl pellet dissection kit and she likes it proves you are a great mom, plus it sounds like you have a kick ass daughter!

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Have you ever done them? I remember doing one in school as a kid and they were SO COOL!! Mine had eaten a common field mouse, lol

She’s pretty cool! She’s been a really easy kid, but six is proving to be the hardest age. They call it the first adolescence, and it comes with so many emotions. But we’re doing the best we can.

I never have, but I did dissect a frog in HS. That’s about it lol