Slygirl Vs. Annabelle ???????

Sorry if I've missed the drama, can I get a re-cap?

It honestly seems as if thousands of guys here can co-exist in a semi-peaceful manner. More than 3 girls on the OG and there is gonna be a catfight.

One is threatened by the other and stalks her.

*thats what I heard*


I get along great with Annabelle, she seems cool as hell. In fact, I have gotten along with all of the OG girls...except Headache girl and Slygirl.

Says something, doesn't it.

They are fighting over who gives the best oral and who has the tightest ass hole

I heard there was a midget ref somewherei in the mix.

Only one way to settle this........

Best Tits Contest on the Bewbieground!!!

I agree, let's see em'!

the opening post on the thread is correct

We need to set up a double elimination "Best Tits" contest.

The contenders:









**feel free to add active contenders**

***I also propose littleone gets a first round bye due to her overall niceness***

Trainedkilla has summed it up quite nicely.


"I also propose littleone gets a first round bye due to her overall niceness***"

*regrets hitting koma with a baseball bat.* ;)

Battle of the attention whores.

**littleone gets a buy to the finals**

**Striker makes me a pot pie**

Don't forget snowey.


Snowey deserves a bye as well. How did I forget her?

Hope I haven't caught the gay.

Snowey and Littleone in opposing final brackets

little one gets a vote for sure, very cool

Pics? wtf?

knew that was coming