Slygirl: What Would Freud Say?

OK all you armchair shrinks.

Which of the following scenarios is responsible for Slygirl's embarassing attention whoring?

(a) Molested by father.

(b) Physically abused (non-sexually) by father.

(c) Abandoned by father.

I like the pics.

None of that shit at all. In fact, i'm going to my mom and dad's in a coupla hours, i gotta go to bed.

you're new anyways, shuddup, you know nothing.

if i wanna post pics, WTF is it a big deal to your newbie ass? (don't give a shit if yer not new)

this rudeness is unnecessary and highly offensive. i suggest it cease, for crissake.

i suggest you get this thread deleted. it's highly inappropriate.


thanks jennycraig. tell this moron to leave me alone.

leave her alone moron

*slygirl puts on "Butthead" voice*

one day, me and jennycraig are going to "do it". and it will be good. it will be very good:)

You have a desperate need for male attention.

1) You're a stripper

2) You're a "singer" in a "band"

3) You post pictures of yourself on a anonymous forum.

It's not very complicated. Seek help.

this is easy.

he would say, "this is a case that I have to go study now."

Zo, here iz my prognozis on zhis troubling patzient, the zo-called Zlygirl:

Excessive make-up: Self-loathing and insecurity. Has to hide behind a 'mask' for fear of revealing her 'true' self. Zhe iz like a vounded child and haz to hide from pain.

Alzo, zhe, like a little girl, iz trying to play at being a grown up by vearing make-up and dressing zluttily. Her understanding of grown-up aezthetics (ie. ztripper) is premised around male masturbatory phantazies.

Posting of goofy 'glamour' shots on the OG: I zee zhis as an over-compensation technique--zhe is trying to hard to be accepted by annonymous 'zuitors.' Zhe can do zhis becauze zhe doezn't have to face rejection in a face-to-face encounter.

I noticed vonce in vone of her pictures that her apartment was very messy. This I azzociate with the anal expulsive personality types. Theze people have very little self control and have very little control over thier lives/environment.

Devotion to posting on the OG: Zhis to me is very troublesome. Zhe has shown no knowledge of MMA, but has quickly realized that men interested in MMA are just as inzecure az zhe iz. Zhe is a mazter manipulator and haz found a zuitable group of guillable men to get zelf-affirmation from. Men on the OG are lonely, zolitary without female companionzhip and thus a very zuitable market to exploit.

Alzo, posting on anonymous Internet boards zignifies a zhallow commitment to other people. Zuch inzecurity is borne out fear of commitment and rejection.

everyone on this thread is correct

Oh zhis Zhootfighter2001 displays all zhe cavalier mazculine attributes of an Oedipus complex that iz not yet rezolved.

You zee he has conztructed a phantasy in his mind vhere Zlygirl is a damzel in distrezz zhat needs rescuing. He believes in his phantasy that if he gallantly protects her from zhe bullies on the OG
(Father) that he can possezz her zexually.

Zuch a zad, zad phantasy. Because you zee that he is projecting his memories of his bullied and abuzed Mother onto Zlygirl. He vants to protects and possezz Zlygirl becauze he couldn't protect and (zexually)possezz his Mother from his abuzive tyrant of a Father.


D. All of the above

Jeez, who is the attention whore again? I am confused.
Mastershake seems to desperately want attention from

Ja! Frazer is correct. Meisterzhake haz re-directed and sublimated hiz frustrated zexual energy tovards an aggrezzive hoztility tovards Zlygirl. You zee, the energy of the libido is easily transferred to an aggressive position towards a desired object.

He vants attention from her, but his attempts have been tvarted, thus he rewerts back a type of antagonism.

wtf is wrong with her posting pics, even if they are for attention? you guys act like everyone needs your permission for everything.

May have not been a nice way to put it, but mastershake is right. Statistically, ~95% of strippers were molested at a young age, which perverted thier sense of sexuality and affected their self esteem. You either become hyper sexual or reclusive. Its a branch of psychology called attachment theory.

whoa. y'all have too much time on yer hands. sommayou anyhooter. leabemawone. thanks.