We need a subforum where all SlyGirl threads can be moved to.


good idea. then her fans can go there and talk to her and see her pics. then, those who come there to flame her will look even MORE pathetic than they already do since they TOOK THE TIME to go there

dude, this whole site is a place to form relationships. and yeah, i loved her nudes. fuckin loved them. she doesnt have a j-lo ass, but she has a banging bod. i see nothing wrong with that. tell me, whats wrong with liking pics and complimenting the person who the pics are of? answer that one with an arguement i wont poke a thousand holes in.

its not about looking "cool" as you put it. its about simply complimenting someone for something they did for you.

its people like YOU who have something wrong with them. let others like what they like without bitching at them.

lol red, my thoughts exactly

pudge whats your FS name?

Im guessing your are also mastershake?

shane is correct

this thread is silly.

Captial idea Dogbert!

Please, let's hermetically seal all Slygirl related posts (all her toadies and groupies are allowed to come out too), float it our to sea and then sink the fucker.

The SlygirlGround can be located exactly 400 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Then Grady *sob* will come back.

i like grady. me and him are cool.

It is not slygirl, it tells about what type of people who are on the OG though.


Shane I'm guessing you don't remember Kriket? Fucking hell. She posted one pic of her big, sloppy tits on the OG last summer(?). She was so popular, you'd figure she struck gold in her backyard.

Man, it was bad. This Slygirl thing is 1000x worse though. Yes, as much I don't want to defend her and wish she'd go away, it's not all Slygirl's fault. The OG really is populated by a bunch of sad motherfuckers.

I wouldn't want Slygirl to be exploited.

lol at this thread. i don't want my own ground. i'd run out of shit to talk about anyhooter.

I was just thinking about this today. The OG hasn't been the same for the past few weeks. It is all besause of the Slygirl threads. Not because of Slygirl herself, mostly the 13 year old boys that make the treads about her. It is getting real old.

temporary solution: -Ignored-