Smack down in H-town who went

so who was there yesterday, and did I give you a flyer?

I was there! You gave me a hug but no flyer!



i pinched your ass to you forgot to tell that part!

You will get a flyer soon in the mail along with a poster.

LOL! I knew you would kiss and tell!

looking forward to the poster


I got a flyer and you've got email Popeye about the Rocinha project stuff! Thanks again!

We had a great time, but the drive back had us all tired. :-)

I got a flyer and was asked where the hell I'd been.

- Zero Horizon

P.S. Great to see you again, Doug!

good to see you again as well Zero.

You were also told to have your ass at the texas submission challenge.

Yes, sir, I remember.