Smack Girl: Hashi, Omuro triumph!

I just want to say congradulations to my teammates: Takayo Hashi (from Keishukai) decimated her opponent Kinuka Sasaki by Choke in 2:31 of the first round; Naoko Omuro beat Shiho Yamato (from Zendokai Headquarters) by decision. These ladies are top, seriously. Here's a pic of Hashi at another fight, (NOT against Kinuka, because I don't have a picture of that) but I wanted to post a pic of her.

She's on the right.
I would like Hashi to have opportunities overseas, if any promotor cares to give her a chance. One of the Keishukai matchmakers/managers is Mr. Ito, so someone can contact him regarding keishukai fighters.

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wassup Rox?



I think women's MMA is growing in bursts. lol or maybe that's because I fight in bursts so I have a different persective, hahaha. Anyway, Windy vs Tsuji just happened in Smack girl under NORMAL MMA rules. Those were good fighters. Megumi Fuji beat a bigger Tama-chan. There's another big one scheduled in a major male MMA production, crap which was it....

check out our keishukai webpage.

ttt 4 her

I love SmackGirl.