Smack Girl - Who Won?

i was just wondering who won? thanks.



Are you on the right thread? LOL


roflmao................ seriously.

I am trying that right now - if I hurt myself, I wont be back...


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Erin Toehill (sp) was disqualified in the finals for "elbows to the spine".

ttt for erin. good showing and one of the only fights thier to tko all oppenents.

Toughill was DQ'd for elbows to the back of the opposed to elbow strikes to the front of the spine (which are much more serious). Yabushita probably didn't want to win like that, hopefully they can set up a rematch. I haven't seen the fights yet but I'm curious why they can't stop the action quickly and issue a warning rather than just letting the elbows go then call the fight. Sounds like Erin was destroying everyone until the DQ though. Props to Yabushita and Erin.

Erin lost to a fighter that weighed 120lbs??

is this the same Megumi from Abe's gym in Japan?

No.That's Megumi Fujii from AACC.

Megumi is great, beating the 300 pound Gunderenko a few years ago. Erin armbarred Megumi a couple years ago in another good fight, so this was a rematch. Curious about the other fights and details on each.

Damn, I was pulling for Roxanne, but Yabushita was my second choice. I've loved her ever since she beat that Russian mountain in ReMix-1.