smack talking

What games have a lot of smack talking in them?

I mean not just saying 'you idiot' to someone on your team in BF1942, but hugely offensive swear-fests that last for ages. Where the whole game just degenerates into pointless name calling.

Raven Shield used to be like this sometimes. I found the game pretty boring, so it was more fun seeing who I could annoy with 12 year old insults. Getting into massive gun fights with your own team at the start of the round (with the obligatory collateral damage leading to more people getting roped in) was hilarious.

What other games are like this?

HANG TIME. That game just brings out the jive ass fool in everyone who plays. Me and my crew all have maxed out profiles and custom characters. I play as the ape in an opera helmut.

It starts off innocently enough with the standard "Oh I'm sorry did that belong to you?" when you intercept a pass. But it quickly escalates to the point where at least one out of the 4 players is claiming this is bullshit and the game cheats. Someone even got called a "whore" last time(in a group of 4 guys)

Halo has me constantly talking to the enemies. They feel more alive in that game than any other I've played.

Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament are both great fun when it comes to shit talking.

TKing is fucking funny too.

Super Smash Brothers, case closed. My old Smash brothers games were non-stop shit talking, especially from the one guy who played Donkey Kong and almost always won.

BTW it dosn't work if you can actually see the person you are talking to.

It has to be someone completely remote who you know you will never meet, so you can bask in your own pussified sense of security.

In that case, it has to be counterstrike, no other game is as flooded with shit talking 13 years old. Save maybe Starcraft.