Smackdown Vs. Raw

Just picked this game up and started creating myself. Just wait until my attributes get maxed then I'm gonna come on here and start issuing challenges.

This year the move set isn't very good for creating MMA type fighters, in previous years it was a bit better.

WTF is with man-boobs in create a fighter? Nasty!

Other than that, I like the atmosphere during matches.

Still have to try the bra-panties match.

Do you still have to unlock move sets and create-a-wrestler parts?

That's what I hated in past Smackdown games, some create-a-wrestler parts weren't available to you at the beginning.

How is the game compared to Smackdown:Here Comes The Pain? I might get HCTP because it's a greatest hits now.

Smackdown Vs. Raw is just a slight upgrade of Here Comes the Pain. You should definitely get HCTP to learn the gameplay