Does smackgirl have a website?? or anywhere to get information??


Hey Scorpion - I Love Smackgirl. Great stuff. They have a sight called "" but sometimes it doesn't come up and you have to click twice to get it. Its in Japanese but the links are easy to follow.

The events are great. Some no talent fighters and mediocre ones, but several great ones and all the fights are fun. I have 8 videos now and ordered them over the web. Unfortunately the UG doesn't let us post web sites that sell tapes but you can probably find it by searching for some of the Smackgirls like:

Yuki Kubota
Mari Kaneko
Yuka Tsuji


Awesome, it works. now i need to get a hold of my japanese friends to help me translate this!

It looks like they have a heap of fighters willing to get in there, do they ever have international fighters on their cards??