Smacktalking... Meet anyone?

have you guys ever met anyone who you've known in BJJ or other fighting arts that is legitimately good but talks smack, looks for fights, etc?

i have to say i think it's pretty rare but there are a few legit badasses that can get rowdy.

most solid guys i've met are cool/humble, you'd never know they'd be able to kick ass, etc. but there have been a few guys i've said to myself were cocky but could still whoop ass!

my boy is really cocky and has every right in the world to be. but i also know a few who are cocky and have no right to talk smack. such as myself, but when i talk smack its to my training partners and buddies who know im full of shit.

Yeah, we got one cat at our school who talks smack and plenty of it to nearly everyone. Fortunately, he's a freaking terror to roll or bang (aka:strike) with. He seems especially arrogant with the Navy Seals who frequent the club. Oh, and he's constantly looking for NHB fights. He's going against a Sambo BB for some title in March. But I agree, most of the really good guys are quite cool and humble and most of the loud mouths are 85% talk.


I haven't met a lot who talked smack, and those who did definitely could not back it up. On that note, I had a guy come into my school who trains at another school in town but wasn't happy with the 'reality' or lack thereof. He talked to me and my partner for a while and said he won some judo tourny and about how good he was at grappling. He also said he could get out of armbars really easily by just 'rolling' out of them or sitting up. Before you all laugh, I explained to him that I have been training in BJJ for quite some time and knew lots of escapes but that some folks won't just LET you out like that. So, when he came in to roll with us, all we did guesses it, armbarred him. And he never even attempted to roll out. LOL After 2 weeks of tapping out to everyone in class, including 15 year olds that he was vastly stronger than, he went back to the other school and is now an assistant instructor. Go figure.


you want to see smack talk go to under the keyboard warriors forum some tkd cat is just itchen to get stomped