Small Biz Idea

So growing up I was your average American punkass; smartass graffiti, stickers, obnoxious t-shirts, etc.

I've heard of marketing firms employing "guerilla tactics" before and I've always wondered if these tactics could be used in a small business model. If anybody remembers the Aqua Teen Boston bomb scare that was a result of guerilla marketing for the feature film (which backfired in a big way, but also generated far more buzz for the film than anticipated).

For example- Market may include: Tattoo shops, musicians, bars/clubs, other small biz startups of an edgy nature.

Feasible idea? Terrible idea? Input? Phone Post

You want to start a tattoo business? Promote it with a video of kidnapping people, kids, dogs, farm animals, and tattooing the name of the business on them. Do it for real or don't. I don't give a fuck.

I would support that tattoo shop! Or Petsmart..whatever. Phone Post

This thread is now about bishes