Small laptop recommendation...

I've seen the small laptops around every so often. I'm guessing the screens are only around 10 inches.

Is there a name for the smaller laptops?

Does anybody have any recommendations on a good one to get and where?


There listed as ultraportables usually though they could also be called thin and lights... Personally I've been looking at the Sony SZ series laptops which are about 4 lbs give or take some ounces b/c of the configurations... Also been looking at the Dell XPS M1210... Both are pretty light though I like the Sony's design better. Dell gives more bang for the buck in their XPS system IMO.

Thanks PAX,

How long do the batteries last?

What are some of the cons? I'm sure they are probably a little more difficult to type on, smaller screen size (for reading), but I'm guessing you also have to scroll more on the page (left to right).

Anything else I should be concerned about?

I'm also doing some research, b/c I'm hoping to buy a laptop by the end of October... I've been reading that the Sony SZ series laptops have a pretty long battery life from 4-6 hrs depending on what you do. I'm not as sure about the XPS 1210 but you could proabably get a better battery to compensate (though it will probably add to the weight)... The Sony that I've been looking at SZ-340/240 is a 13.3 inch screen while the Dell is 12 inches. They all have the new Core 2 Duo chips and they all have a dedicated graphics card (which sort of caught my eye). You can configure laptops at or at the Dell website. Sony also has an even smaller and lighter laptop but the price obviously is a lot higher. I've seen the Dell weigh around 4.6 lbs. I'm gonna probably go to Costco or a Dell kiosk at the mall to check out the Dell XPS laptop to get a better gauge of things. A version of the SZ laptop is sold at Best Buy and Office Depot/ Max... I think the Dell is better bang for the buck. More USB ports, mebbe a better graphics card, I think they give you installation discs as well.... Sony is lighter, better battery life IMO, aesthetically better IMO, but I believe they don't give you anything to re-install windows (I'm not sure).

These 2 laptops are the ones that have caught my eye but they can range anywhere from 1300-2000 dollars. HP and Gateway offer thin and light/ ultraportables but they don't have the dedicated graphics card which appeals to me (not a necessity). I've heard Thinkpads are good but they are pretty expensive. Right now I'm leaning toward Dell b/c of reading about the whole being able to haggle with Dell salespeople on the phone thing. XPS laptops don't seem to ever go on sale or have discount coupons which sucks but I figure it couldn't hurt to try to cut a deal.