Small question on knife self defense

 Mr. Harris

Let me first thank you for the chance to atleast approach this topic. We have a self proclamed founder of a knife self defense program in our community. He has approached the recreation board for funding to a community program. I have voiced my disapproval to the council because I do not believe his program is sound and sets people up to be sued or worse killed.

  1. His credentials seem lacking.
  2. He allows his program to 14 year old girls.
  3. He only has a 45 min lecture part to discuss all the other elements of self defense.
  4. His complete program is only 4-5 hrs
  5. Lethal force is the main element with the knife. 8 targets that stop attacker in 3sec and bleeds out in 8sec.
  6. At the last meeting his trade secret so the knife wasn't taken away from the defender was I quote " stab, stab, stab, throw" Yep thats right throw the weapon, as far as you can. How rediculus is this?
  7. His statistics on his homepage are mis used. he uses FBI UCR for one year then uses BOJS (bureau of justice statistics) for the other year. The data isn't apples to apples. He also uses college surveys and said its a doj data.

I have a data packet of info also if you would like to see it. I was just curious about the idea of a 5 hr. seminar and gaurantee the ability. the fact of giving any 14 year old the lethal force ability and not the legal information, the stab and throw method. I believe he is a charleton and needs runout. The board has its reservations already I am just trying to convince them totally so his ship can sail.  Check out his staff page. The errors in the bio of the person.

I have had conversations with Marc MacYoung, Peyton Quinn, Masabb Ayoob already they all have reservations of some sort and to varied degrees. I was just looking for another set of fresh eyes.

 I left out the website....



I took a look at the above mentioned website. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Anyone who presents a self-defense program to a "community" must consider the community and their needs. For example, when I taught a woman's self-defense course to the University of California community, I specifically designed the course around the needs of that particular community.
  2. Anyone guaranteeing "a skill" (for absolute beginners) that can be obtained within four to five hours of training MAY be exaggerating the course of instruction! Now, if the course of instruction would involve A) the legalities [and ethics] of using a blade to defend one's life, and B) student learned only three or four techniques, and C) they practiced these four techniques for an hour, and D) they put these four techniques into various combinations for an hour, and then E) they [the instructors] put the students through a series of "live scenarios" to test the students' ability to respond to a life threatening assault, as well as evaluate the appropriateness of the response (maybe with the cooperation of the community), then and only then would I say that the potential exists for one skill set to be developed in such a short period of time.
  3. Anyone who openly teaches "offensive" (not defensive) blade work to civilians can potentially be setting themselves up for legal hassles (criminal and/or civil). Additionally, America is not ready for their civilians to be armed with blades - nor are they ready for someone to come along and say, "This is what we should teach to our younger women!"

From what little you have presented, and from what I read on the above mentioned website, I believe there are enough red flags for you and your community to say, "No thanks."

Now, while I understand what he writes about on his website - and to some extent agree that this could be one possible solution for some women - I do not agree that openly teaching offensive blade work to civilians (especially teenagers) is a responsible thing to do.

Roy Harris

 This is about all he is giving to the City also. In the meeting he stated he may be giving away his secret of training. I was blown away.

1. Stealth - i can this one understand  a knife is easy to hide and can be deployed fairly rapidly.

2. The knife defense equates to stab, stab, throw(the knife), flee!!!!!

I raised a concern that the person could be disarmed even after cutting and then have the implement used on themself. The above bullet items were given to address that. I could not believe a knife trainer suggesting throw away what might possibly be your only advantage over the attacker.

I wish I had more information but he is using the generalities for his pesentations also. He is using the emotional card to get the city to just hand him the keys.

I do not know how he does his techniques but I never heard any mention of adrenal response or intesity training. I am under the impression its mostly drills under little to no stress enviroment.

Mr. Harris I deeply appreciate your response to my request.

 Wow, today this guys site is down. An AKT staff member asked well basically challenged my on the statistics.

So I did my research and the link is what I found.

I sent some info to his staff member and some person who had a testemonial.

It came down like a hurricane.

is what I sent them.