Smandych = world champ!!!!

Congrats to Trevor "TNT" Smandych who on the weekend became a muay thai professional world champion!!!

Congrats to a great guy and a great fighter!

Shawn Yacoubian up in Vancouver, BC.

Bonnel did beat him but from what I heard the crowd boo'd once given to decision.

Smandych = from Calgary
Bonnel = from Tampa

Fight location = Tampa..... Take a guess at how many "fans" Trevor had there...

from what I saw of Bonnel vs. Smandych, Remy was winning that fight.


I would like to see Smandych fight Ludwig.

Is 154 heavy for Trevor? Relative to his preferred fight weight?


Trevor has gained weight. I assume it is to the weight for the k1 max.

My understanding is that it was a bull sh*t decision. I have not seen the fight, this is just what I hear.

I thought so, since his C-Max weight was much lighter. I have tremendous respect for him to be able to handle that. Personally when I've gone up a class or two (55kg-->60kg) it is a lot to handle the bigger guy. Technique and finesse are great things to have, but sometimes the power and size can be too overwhelming. The fighter coming up in weight can literally get batted around. I think it requires a really skilled guy to do it. Probably why so many "retired" Thais here will give up 10-12 lbs in a fight and think, my skills and reactions will be enough.