Smartcarry holster?

Anyone use one? I am thinking of ordering one for a Bersa thunder .380-just wanted to see if anyone had any personal experiences with them.


I remember back when it was called "Thunderwear"

My friend's dad had the thunderwear. There was no way he was getting his pistol out fast if he had to.

I think Thunderwear is a different company (exact same idea though) -they still exist, but the material used in the smartcarry seems better.

The question I have about it it really as comfortable and "invisible" as they claim for a medium to small (whatever the bersa .380 would be considered) framed gun? I would basically buy it to use for the times when I could not conceal in a quicker draw holster.

I am torn between getting the smart carry, or just saving for a smaller gun (hell I will probably end up doing both)

Thunderwear and Smartcarry are different, although similar,
products. The Smartcarry is a better design, since the seams
for the gun pocket are sewn shut. The gun does not snag on
the draw, as has been reported with the Thunderwear.

Smartcarry's owner carries a full-size .45 auto in his, the pics
are on the website.

You can literally carry a firearm with a pair of gym shorts on.

Good stuff, but not for fast draw.



"Good stuff, but not for fast draw. "

Thanks-That is exactly what I figured, just wanted to make sure.