Smartest liberal on here?

I think @EFM has to be up there… @jimmy23 is usually pretty good at articulating a point too…

Fun, an oxymoron thread!

I got one - jumbo shrimp!


(Dark joke incoming)



Whichever one decides to take their own life

Jk… Seriously though, they are a pathetic bunch.

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I’m not a liberal, but thanks

What would you consider yourself?

Is @angryinch still here? He was sometimes smart depending on the subject matter.

A human.

Artificial designations of beliefs , often with connotations attached, are not very useful in describing the diversity of approaches to " political " questions.

Especially today, where the noise to signal ratio is the worst I’ve ever seen


Good call. He’s a great example of someone who’s probably astute right up until certain topics are discussed then he’d fly off the rails…

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Agree with this…

Yup, the interesting paradox of the information age…

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I liked TPK and he was very bright.

Spjackson, though I doubt he is actually anything political. He comes in with some one line zingers, and that takes intelligence




Jimmy23 is a liberal shit bag through and through