Smashed Ice Queen until about 5 AM

As you know, Ice Queen just got back from the hospital from having a baby yesterday. I know you're supposed to wait... but I'd been holding back for soooooo long, what with this 12" hog I didn't want to dent Ice Ice Baby's head.

You are supposed to wait or something. The doctor said something about letting her heal because blah blah blah. She was looking at me like, "This dude is alpha AF... I better tell him to take it easy."

I couldn't wait. She was super turned on after hearing me completely dismantle Sincognito in an OG rap battle... but she was unsure.

I went all BIGWHITESEXY and started screaming at her. She was like, "I dunno, babe... I want your sting but I feel a little-"

I didn't wait for her to get out any objections. She said she wanted the sting.

I'm going HAM on her. I was like POW POW POW POW POW POW. Then I spot this faggot in my building watching and he's got his little baby piglet in his hand. I guess he's having a wank, I can't tell because there isn't much movement. He was stroking it and I'm not sure what we were doing for him because like I said he is a humongous faggot and only likes dick... how could he get off watching us? I mean I couldn't get off watching two dudes... but I could with two chicks... and I probably could with two dudes, but whatevs.

Anyway she woke up the whole building with her lamentations. No one is going to say shit to us because we're an alpha couple. The building is no pets, but we have a dog and the super doesn't say shit.

6/10 & I haven't even read the original. 

were you banging in the parking lot or something?

HexRei -

were you banging in the parking lot or something?

No it is a really shitty courtyard extended stay motel type thing, with all the balconies across from eachother. We leave the curtains and the sliding glass door wide open so our chihuaha can get in and out and we give no fucks so we smash just like that.

Terrible spin from a terrible thread. 

Terrible  2.7/10

You faggots have no taste.


I laughed. And then cried because I'm cranky when I don't get sleep.