Smashed shin, got stitches

Over the weekend, I got the idea that I could jump up, onto my friends 3 step high porch. Not sure where I went wrong, but my foot slipped off, and I pretty much landed full force on my shin. It hurt at first, but went away pretty quick. I looked at it, and it looked like it just scraped some skin up and was bleeding a little bit. I put a band aid on it, and took off to see Nitro Circus. 

5 hours later I get home, and check it out. My sock has quite a bit of blood on it, as does my shin. I mop it up, so I don't ruin my sheets. I decide to take the band aid off and re bandage it. I shaved my leg around the area first, so the hairs wouldn't get in the wound, and also so the new bandage wouldn't stick. 

After peeling off the old bandage, I knew I was in trouble. I could see meat and fat under the skin, the skin had pulled away and there was a sizable hole in my leg that was oozing blood. I soaked some of the blood up, and kind of played with the cut a little. I could move the skin around and look under it, which freaked me out. So, I headed out to the hospital and got that bitch stitched up. I got about 5 stitches, and an rx for keflex. Pics to follow.

5 miutes after, not worried.

5 hours after, a little worried.

at the hospital, waiting

all stitched up

Bitches get stitches!

JK that looks fun, akkk

"nice pics. when you gonna try again?"

The stitches come out in 2 weeks, so maybe a month. I know I can do it.

"Bitches get stitches!"

That's about how I felt.

"As someone who has felt that has been battered by that very shin, I feel a special kind of empathy here."
Yeah, I thought you'd like that.