"Smelling Salts"

Where can I get "Smelling Salts?"

You always see it used to clear the cobwebs for some guy who is out of it after taking a big hit in football. You also see O-lifters/powerlifters whiff it right before attempting a big lift.


You can get them at any medical supply store. We used to carry them on our Ambulanc but it was found that they can actually burn the lining of your lungs, so we are no longer allowed to use them. I wouldn't recommend using them as a benifit for lifting.

I use them before a lift in a competition. I don't use them for training though.


I don't know anything about them, so can someone tell me why they would help you lift?

"You can get them at any medical supply store"

Can anybody purchase them or do you need a special licence or something? Thanks.


anyone can purchase them

All they are is amonia and some other stuff. Easy to buy. Nasty as hell, but easy to buy. If you want a workout pick me up, just scan some rotties before you lift, for God's sake. Save your nose.

Just strong smells that hits you right in the head.  Sort of clears your head.  If you take a whiff of a newish bottle that will wake you up.