“Smells like Teen Spirit” in a major key. WOW!

Dude, that actually sounds like it would make a hell of a pop song. LOL. 



It already was a hell of a pop song.

Damn that sounds weird. 

Stankie nailed it.^

Fuck, this is weird man. This was like taking drugs without drugs.

Crazy.  Like it. Lol.  

NC, you have direct link?

Which version was this? It doesnt sound like it was remixed.

Maybe if Curt had written it in a major key he would still be with us, no?















Too soon?




About 100 bands have already made this song 


DIdnt you listen to pop radio in the 90's?



Sounds like a run of the mill pop song with no teeth.

Nirvana definitely got it right the first time.

Thats fucking great lol. I couldnt finish the song tho. That was like peaking my head into an alternate reality. Trippy shit

took the grunge out

Very cool. Another great trippy song "mix" is Chris Cornell sing Metallica's One to the music of One by U2.


ranier wolfcastle - 

took the grunge out

True, sounds like it's from 97-99 instead of 91.

Sounds like a Pixies cover.

There were a bunch of songs just like this in that era. Nirvana wouldnt have been famous if they sounded anything like that.

Matchbox 20 did a cover version? Sweet!

Pretty cool