Here are a few older videos of Gilbert and Nathan competing in smokers back in the day..

Gilbert Melendez vs. Unknown

Nate Diaz vs. Unknown

Kids MMA - Jordan Landry vs. Rudi Perez


TTT for later.



I probably would have got more hits if I would have used "Unsanctioned Underground Fights" for the thread title..

one of you fuckers embed those things... :)

ya I'd say we had at least 200 people in those videos, probably more.. last time some cops came to our smokers just to watch and they liked it so much they signed up for lessons..

smokers are just basically a public sparring session, the Florida commission is just mad that they didn't get thier $5,000 for Din holding an "MMA/Kickboxing Event"..

That's me fighting Nate. Goddman that was a shitty fight.

Here is an MMA one with Headshots allowed, but we put headgear on them with bigger MMA gloves..

I think one of the reasons Fedor is so dominant is all of his experience in amateur combat sambo.. looks like they are using similar rules..


dan i still want to come out there!!!!

someone with the ability and credibility needs to start a donation link for dins lawyer fees and defense. if this could happen to him it could happen to many other schools. this sport needs some sort of union to look out for the interest of fighters and gyms.

oh shit my bad bro, I totally spaced out on talking to Cesar about it.. I'm sure its cool will hit you back today.. sorry about that..

damn stoner, haha

Dan Black you going to the next strikeforce show? any guys from the Cesar camp fighting on the card?

Dan- Do you know how to get a hold of A Fletcher?


I fought in a smoker in California last year. I also used to do ring announcing for a couple in Arizona.

I am going to turn myself in and I advise all of you who have been involved in smokers to do the same. We are criminals and should be punished.

not sure if I am gonna go or not yet.. I think we might have a couple of guys on there..

"Do you know how to get a hold of A Fletcher?"

try polk street or his myspace..


Isnt he a little old to have a myspace? But I guess thats how you attract young boys nowadays.


damn stoners spacin out and shit lol

lofl yaya whatever.. will ask him 2nite..