Smoking a Butterball Turkey Breast Roast

I f’n love these things. I buy them when they are on sale at Publix. They are cheaper than Boar’s Head deli turkey. I got two Turkey Breast Roasts for $11 each. A pound of Boars Head Roast Turkey is $14 and change. The roasts are 3lbs each.

Put it on the smoker at 220 frozen, rubbed with Buc-ees BBQ rub. Nothing else. Usually tales about 4 hours. If I am late putting it on I just put it in the smoker at 350 and it cooks faster.

Then slice that bitch up. Serve on toast with white BBQ sauce or slaw and 1000 island.

Sometimes I’ll do a full breast on the rack, which can be much better, but the Breast Roast is so convenient for lunch and healthier than deli meat.


Ima smoke a small turkey for the first time for Thanksgiving.

We’ll probably end up eating frozen pizza when I’m done.


A full Turkey breast on the bone comes out awesome. I am not some BBQ maven. I just rub it and smoke it to temp in a pellet smoker.

I am going to bring a smoked breast to my moms house for Thanksgiving, and buy a two pack of legs for me to brine and smoke for me and my little nephew so i can sit at the kids table with him and eat like cave men, growls and all. I don’t think his mom cares much for me anymore lol.


Step your game up son! Go get yourself a full sized turkey. Spatchcock that son of a bitch. Rub down some of that delicious Buc-ee’s rub (+1 for shopping at buc-ees) on it. Toss in the smoker and enjoy yourself some delicious whole smoked turkey.


That sounds awesome.

Thats a bit much though for lunch.

Total work time including sandwich assembly for the roast is like 4 minutes tops. There is no mess, and with the roast being three pounds I don’t have to worry about there being any waste and feel about not using it all or the bones.

If it wasn’t for just lunch I would do the whole bird.

I love Buc-ees. I have the entire wardrobe. The BBQ Rub and Brisket Rub are awesome and my go to rubs for everything on the smoker.

Zned, were the ones you smoked boneless?

I’m thinking of doing that this Thanksgiving because we’re going low-key this year.

Looks like this…

It is boneless and rolled up and netted into a football shape.

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Did you unroll it?

My local store has been having turkey thighs on sale recently, and I’ve been smoking those every few weeks. Throwing them in a brine overnight makes a huge difference in flavor. I’ve been using brown sugar, kosher salt, cajun seasoning, rosemary, thyme, sage, lemon juice, and crushed garlic cloves.

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nope. rubbed it down still frozen and put it in the smoker.

Orange juice my man. Brine in orange juice along with everything else you mentioned.

My masterbuilt electric smoker I got a year ago just stopped working…. Trips gfci every time it starts, anyone know of a decent electric one that will last?

My Traeger lasted two years before i had to replace the controller. Controller was only $40, and easy to change.


I love those things!

I make some gravy and make opened face turkey sammiches for a few days.

Perfect for lunchmeat.

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I had a bad experience with Masterbuilt too. Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone as of now.

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I’ve followed this method a few times and had good success

@NiteProwleR should combine independence day and thanksgiving and do a deep fried butterball extravaganza.

Ive got that gmg as well (called the ledge up here). Its been great

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