Smoking a Butterball Turkey Breast Roast



Just ate some.

Sliced it kind of thick, then put the slices down for a second in a pan to get a little brown and grilled texture.

Put the slices on toast with slaw and 1000 island.

I ate two.



Hmm never put something on my smoker that was frozen before.

The directions on the package say cook from frozen so i just did that.

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I’m going to have to give it a try.

Maybe not on Thanksgiving.

My g/f is way too particular about the way she like the turkey cooked. Even though when we’ve tried other methods (deep frying, infrared roasting) she’s like the way it came out.

Tttraeger! Just got one for free from neighborhood fb group


You got ripped off!

I smoked one last year but it took 2 hours longer to get up to temperature.
My smoker was outside in 30 degree weather and struggled to maintain temp.
Something to consider

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Thank you. Will try this.