I just started frequenting smoothie king and really like their stuff. I also like how they can add supplements to their smoothies. Anyone else frequent it?

I've started to workout seriously again and I'm looking to clean up my diet and supplement it now that I'm putting it under more stress than usuall. In the past I would take in protein shakes and add supplements to it(glutamine, etc.) and eat protein bars as snacks but I'm a little sick of the stuff and would like to try doing the same with smoothies. Plus that way I can increase my fruit intake. I was thinking about purchasing a smoothie machine but first I would like to find out what people think.

Are they worth it? I already own a blender but what is the exact difference between a smoothie machine and a blender? What do you guys recommend as far as recipes? Thanks.

Didn't even know they made smoothie machines. May have to take a look into one. I usually blend up a packet of Met-RX Berry Blast with half juice/half water and some frozen berries. Comes out kind of like a smoothie.

smoothie king's prices are pretty out there. i like the taste but they have a butt load of sugar in em. get a blender, it's better cause you'll have the fiber as well as the other nutrients. i'd recommend a capsule blender, they have em in asian markets.

The V-8 Splash smoothies are great with met-rx or protein powders...

After years of protein drinks and many kitchen blenders. I broke down and bought a Vita-Mix blender/total nutrition center. Fairly expensive!! $350-450. But well worth it!!! Large capacity 64+ oz.
Big motor, 7 year warranty. It liquifies everything so you get all the pulp,bran, vitamins, etc,
I have had it for about 7 years now and use it almost daily!! Mainly for kids smoothies and protein/meal replacement shakes. A few friends have also bought, no complaints!! Also Fire Dept I work for bought for all stations. Talk about abuse!!! Check E-bay ??
Also great for Margarita's or other ice drinks!!!