SN bet for Lutter/Franklin

Screen name bet for Lutter and Franklin for UFC 83. I'll take Lutter. Any takers???

I'll take Franklin.

What if Lutter fails to make weight? I say that should double the time period you have to have the changed name. Agreed?

30 or 60 days? You pick and I'll agree to either one.

I'll take Rich

donttazmebro you got it for 30 days.

lutter had lindland mounted in that fight. He wont gas this time!

ttt donttazemebro are we on?

i'll take franklin for a 60 day bet if any blue namer wants to take it with me

alright vengence since donttazmebro hasnt responded. I'll take that bet. 60 days it is!


vengenace or donttazmebro whoever responds first I'll take your bet.


I already told you I agree to it.

You're on.

You're going to be sorry.


             poor donttazemebro        

             Travis Lutter vs Marvin Eastman

I also have Franklin in a screen name bet with elmobob14 

Lutter is from the Dallas area! Im from Dallas and with that said. I was going for Anderson Silva!

The real bet should be an over under for Lutter's weight.

mijo is a disgrace to Texas

ok I agree! Go Anderson!