Fuck the bears. Blue names only. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt for bears fans. Phone Post 3.0

Buncha cowards, y'all

All bears fans on the OG are scared. Aaron Rodgers has them shook. Phone Post 3.0

y'all so lucky....

Sn bet Packers vs Niners, I got Niners of course. Put up or shut up! Phone Post 3.0


Unfortunately for you, Kap is bout to destroy you guys again. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, we're scared of a defense that gave up 400 yards to fucking PALMER.


War Pack! (I have a large wager the Seahawks will advance further, would like to see the 49ers knocked out early) Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Hope GB wins but I wouldn't bet on them beating the Niners.

You're the man arrow! GO PACK!!! Phone Post

The game is in Lambeau, they have a much better chance at home. Would be great if we had Clay to help stop the running game. I'm just happy to be in the playoffs. Phone Post 3.0

ChapoG - OP tienes una cara de caballo, pinche puto. Phone Post 3.0
Tu tienes cara the burra pinche buey mamón.. Que vivan los 9ers!!! Phone Post 3.0

Gee, a cheese shredder picture.  Never seen that before.  Just like your offense, you are truly an innovator.

Damn it.  Sent.

Harbaugh is now 4-0 against the pack.

Your new SN is

NothingFinerThanKaepernicks9er Phone Post 3.0