SN bet Kenny vs. Joe

I got Ken-Flo. 30 days blue nammers only.

Lets do it. Not sure I like that name of yours. I think I'll change it for you.

OK its on. The name I have now is due to a lost bet. trust me I'm a Pats fan.

Gotcha. One month.

your name will be  "creepy nutrider''

ttt "creepy nutrider"

Where are you!!!!

ttt for creepy nutrider. Sack up buddy you lost.





ups for the patriots cheat sn win. 

 ttt for paul gara to see it

Sorry didn't see it before whats the new name?

New name should be Ken-flOWNED

Thats the name?...shit I thought he was joking...that name blows...but ok...

Guess who I bet on?

Creepy Nutrider

LOL its all in good fun man. Trust me you think I like my name!

lets see it