SN Bet...? Rumble vs Davis. I got Rumble

30 days. Anyone down?

Should be a good night of fights... Phone Post 3.0

I'm down.

Let's do it brotha. Loser to change name within 24 hours? Phone Post 3.0

Sounds good. Good luck Bro

I'll need it, but we'll see what happens. I want Rumble to win, but he's got a tough challenge. That's why I didn't put any money on Rumble. Phone Post 3.0

Whats the line for this fight? I can see it going either way.

It looks like Davis -250 Rumble 200 Phone Post 3.0

Rumble (plus)200 Phone Post 3.0

How do you change your SN?

Send email to

I hope I don't get the red card for posting this

fingers crossed Phone Post 3.0

Thanks. Is it bad to post that or what?

Nah but the UG is becoming an even stranger place. I'll leave it at that. Phone Post 3.0

I'll take Davis is anybody wants rumble 30 days Phone Post 3.0

General Tao - I'll take Davis is anybody wants rumble 30 days Phone Post 3.0
TTT Phone Post 3.0

One more fight until one of us gets a new name. I'm excited.

Anybody have any suggestions for a new screen name for OCMikey if Phil Davis wins?

And here we go. Rumble will hopefully knock him out but may even squeak a decision :) Phone Post 3.0

So far so good :) Phone Post 3.0

Not looking good for Davis. I think he was looking passed Rumble.

Rumble needs to keep calm Phone Post 3.0