Snack foods

Okay, thanks to some advice from members of this forum, I feel my diet is shaping up pretty well. I'm eating less rice and more vegetables, nuts and fruits.

However, I seem to come apart if I want a snack.

What are some good, healthy snacks.

Thanks in advance,


cut up vegetables are great!

nuts and fruit are ok but it might give you too many calories.

My snacks are normal foods that are quick to prepare, or meals in small portions.

Fruit, nuts, vegetables, lean proteins, good fats.

Nuts you might be able to eat too many of, so watch them.

It's pretty hard to get fat on fruit, maybe if you try to eat 10 bananas a day, but that would still be pushing it.

re nutrigrain bars:


"Fruit, nuts, vegetables, lean proteins, good fats."

Thanks for your response.

Can you give some examples of lean proteins and good fats in the form of snack foods?

I appreciate it.


beef jerky,peanuts,raisins,dried cherries,ostrim sticks are awesome.I try not to eat more than 30 grams of protein in 1 sitting so i go easy on the jerky,plus its expensive.

Man, if I get started on nuts and raisins I "snack" like 1000 kcal's every time...

I'd stay away from nutrigrain bars, or anything that comes in a wrapper for that matter. There are many, many better options that are just as easy.

I'd skip on the nutrigrain bar too, there are way better choices.

Doru - throw me your e-mail and I'll hit you up with a list of snacks you could eat. I don't have it in a type-able format.