snacks for work

okay i know this question gets brought up like 10x a day, but i don't see a archive section on this fourm.

i work in construction & every day at 10 am we go for our break. all of my co workers stuff thier faces with jamaican beef patties & coffe. most of the time i wait till lunch time to eat but latly we have been skipping lunch to get that extra hour of o.t.

sorry for dragging it, my question is what can i snack on that i don't have to keep warm or cold, maybe something i can leave in my bag or the van that won't go im trying to cut weight for a tournament in 3 weeks im pretty much eating low fat, lean meat & my carbs are comeing from veg & some bread.

thanks for your time.

I like nuts myself, particularly almonds and walnuts. But I'm also spoiled in that I have an office with my own fridge and microwave in it.

that's what i normaly due, but the thing is im trying to cut some weight so i don't really want all that fat that comes from nuts. is the fat from nuts bad fat or good fat? i was thinking of buying some soy nuts but they taste like shit

Apples and fruit.

I had 5 apples, 1 orange, 1 banana today.


I bring bags of baby carrots to chew on. Barely any calories in the durn things. Nuts sometimes too.

Fruits, veggies, and nuts. The fats from almonds and walnuts are omega 3s and they are good fats.

Beef jerky

Fat doesnt make you fat. Too many calories taken in vs. not enough calories burned make you fat.

Nuts are good for you, and make a great snack.

yeah nuts and beef jerkey.....Safeway sells turkey pepperoni sticks and they have o carbs and 2.2 grams a fat per careful with nuts though...they are packed with calories and you may find yourself eating to much

Add Smoked Buffalo Sausage to the Fruits,
veggies, and nuts. Very lean, a lot of protein, and
smoked so it doesn't need to be kept cool.

And the fats from nuts are the "good" kind.


In addition to the good ideas above, I take Salmon jeky
around with me for snacks. Good source of protein, doesn't
need to be refrigerated.

My only problem with beef jerky is that most of the time it has a shit load of sodium. What kind can I buy that has the sodium cut down?

Don't worry about sodium if you drink alot of water. Eat up.

i would recommend nuts.

thank you
Coach Hale

I keep walnuts, prunes and detour bars in my desk.

almonds, walnuts, pistachios

homemade jerky